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Eleni Maree Wilson

Eleni Maree Wilson, Director

Human Resources & Business Management Advance Diploma

Diploma Children’s Services

Hi. My name is Eleni Maree Wilson (Savva). I am Con & Dora Savva’s daughter, the owners of BearChildCare. My family are from Cyprus (Greek Orthodox), and my husband from Samoa (Uniting Church) - all the while, proudly Australian!!!

We have been married for 20years and have 5 precious children (4 Princesses and 1 handsome Prince!)... Together our marriage has created something special; a very multi-cultural Christian family; a learned tolerance and appreciation for the beauty of different cultures; different languages, people, foods, customs, celebrations and more.

This is something that we have brought to BearChildCare: A strong Christian ethos with a passion for children to learn, grow, flourish and thrive on new cultures and their new experiences.

With 5 children, I can honestly say, “I love children”! The last 13 years in managing BearChildCare has been a wonderfully fulfilling journey. It has been such a joy to meet new families and children, watch the children grow into little people ready for ‘big school’ and then meeting them again years down the track when a sibling joins the BearFamily. Admittedly, I’m especially fond of our social events such as The Easter Hat Parades, Mothers Day picnics, Daddy Disco and of-course our sensational Christmas Concert Spectaculars! They are such special events because they bring our BearFamilies together – and that is so important to what makes BearChildCare special!

After joining the “Did you Know Team” in 2013 advocating for equality in early learning centres for NSW, I was voted as ACANSW Secretary in November 2016. I am a strong advocate for equality and high level education for all children and staff in ALL Early Learning Centres across the State, and working with the Government, both State & Federal, to bring consistency across the nation for all.

Over the years we have also been privileged to work with children who have special, individual needs – aiding their development working closely with their families and therapists. Watching our children’s journey of learning and growing brings me much pride and satisfaction.
I am so excited and proud of the introduction of our very own BearChildCare Bus, which has enabled the Centres to be able to broaden the children’s experiences and appreciation of our local communities even further.

I feel truly blessed by God to be working in an sector so important for the safety, education and happiness of our children - they are our future. They are precious, individual, precious gifts from God. They are to be loved & treated as equals. They are God’s way of saying the world should live on...

Eleni Maree Wilson


Our BearTeams are a multi-cultural, multi-talented, multi-aged collection of highly skilled and highly trained early childhood professionals. I am honoured to be working with such passionate, caring and highly professional Educators.

I aspire for our centres to achieve the highest acclaim in recognition of what’s most important – the care, the safety, the love and the education of your children, and support of you as the family.

The critical components of achieving this, is to motivate and inspire our staff to be the best possible “person” they can be, just as their Educational Institution taught them how to “educate”. Through our daily communications, the BearTeam are trained, guided, role modelled and equipped with skills to further develop their professionalism; in manners such as professional communications, respectful communications, current industry knowledge and advances, ongoing industry training and client service relationship building.

My passion for this sector, my enthusiasm, my sincere friendship, and my motivation for successfully living ‘happiness’, is what I believe is attributable to the loving, respectful and long tenure of staff.

I have the upmost respect for our Educational Leaders and Centre Managers. I would like to introduce you to them below...

Effie Olymbios
Centre Co-Ordinator
Early Childhood Teacher

I began studying Child Care since the moment I left high school which was in 1999. I completed my Diploma in Child Care at TAFE followed by my Bachelor of Early Childhood, and then my Masters of Early Childhood at the University of Western Sydney. I worked at Mama Bear for 3 years then fell pregnant with my first little boy. I decided to open my own Family Day Care which I found to be a challenge and closed my business within a year, just before I had my second baby boy. I felt that my philosophy and my heart belong with the Bear Team, so I returned and started a new adventure with the Papa Bear Girls. It has been a blessing ever since.

I have 3 beautiful boys in my life; my two baby boys who have been an absolute joy, and the love of my life who is also of Greek Cypriot heritage, whose biggest belief in life is that family comes first. We are also very excited to say that we are now expecting a baby girl, who God willing will join our family in October; we can’t wait to meet her.

Throughout my time as Centre Co-ordinator of Papa Bear, I have co-ordinated the process of further developing and establishing it into providing a consistently high quality service, and now under the new National Assessment & Rating Process, we are AN EXCEEDING QUALITY CENTRE!

As an Educator I hold a strong philosophy that children learn through play and feel that as an Early Childhood Teacher I play an integral part in their future development. My main aim is to create a safe, welcoming environment for children and their families to feel a sense of belonging and ensuring children have access to an environment where they have the potential to explore, imagine, investigate and play.


Career opportunities If you are a passionate, motivated, creative and enthusiastic individual who has a thirst for knowledge and wants to work in a Christian child care service which thrives on success of living “happiness” and family kinship, then we would love to hear from you.

Please send your CV through to: careers@bearchildcare.com.au

At this point in time, we are accepting applications for hopeful commencement of Papa Bear in mid-2014. Roles which will be available will be:

Early Childhood Teacher
~ part-time
~ full-time

Early Childhood Educators - Diploma
~ part-time
~ full-time
~ traineeships

Early Childhood Educators - Certificate III
~ part-time
~ full-time
~ traineeships

Child Care Trainees

Child Care Cook