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At Bear Child Care Centres we strive to create a warm, natural and homely environment for the personal care and education of your child. We aim to encourage your child to thrive, by providing stimulating, varied, fun and creative developmental opportunities through play: a playful free play, learning environment that encourages children to interact, role-play, socialize & grow, to develop secure and trusting relationships with Educators and other children. Working under the Early Years Learning Framework, we strive to provide interest based programs to help your child to achieve a sense of “being, belonging and becoming”.

Bear Child Care Centre are Christian based centres. We openly welcome families of all cultural & religious backgrounds and thrive to promote multiculturalism and diversity. However, the Centres will be conducted with a Christian ethos; saying Grace before meals and celebrating Easter & Christmas. We also uphold strong connections with our wider community including hardship families working with DHS, Learning Links, Koorana & Family Intervention Centres, Sydney South & South West Area Health Services, Emergency Services, St Basils Nursing Homes, Speech & OT Pathologists, SDN, KU Services, and Local Public, Private & Religious Schools.

Our qualified team of professional Educators are dedicated and caring individuals who believe in the importance of high level personal interactions. Our professional Performance Management Program has been designed to assist our staff to maintain the highest level of qualifications, knowledge and training that is available to them. We believe that the knowledge, multicultural backgrounds and experience of our educators will enrich the quality & diversity of the Centre, and the EYLF programs available to our children.

At Bear Child Care Bear Centres, we believe in the philosophy of Teamwork. The success of our Team, not only involves members of our staff & children, but in partnering with the parents & families of our children – by complementing the care they receive at home, reflected in our home like setting & free flow program.

We believe that you, the parents and families of our children, play the most significant role in your child’s life. Equally, you have an important role in Bear Child Care’s success through your valued communication, participation and involvement with the Centre and your child’s Educator; helping us to individually tailor the most appropriate programs for your individual child. Your support and participation in our Centre’s programmed activities, such as: Celebration Concerts, Plays, ‘Open Centre Evenings’, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Pre-school evening information nights, volunteering and participating for a day at the Centre or in excursions, Feedback sheets, your child’s Annual Activity Report Journals, Fund-Raising, etc, are imperative in the success of these programs. We strongly believe in the importance of the Pre-School Program which is offered to all children going to school the following year.

We believe in modeling strict hygiene and safety standards and sustainability awareness in the Centres, for the children/educators/volunteers and families to learn and adopt. We believe in utilising positive role-modeling and communication with children. Positive communication encourages and promotes positive behaviour, promotes acceptance and language, individuality, and helps a child develop strong self-concept and esteem; this will be achieved through consistency, guidance, patience and routine.

Every Child’s Achievement

Our Aim for every child, is “Empowerment - Being, Belonging and Becoming”. To guide them and care for them so that they may be able to:

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is an accredited curriculum which is specifically for your child’s social and emotional well being...”Being. Becoming. Belonging.” It emphasises the importance of family involvement in the centre and the importance of feeding on the child’s interests. This is Australia’s first National Early Years Learning Framework for early childhood educators. The Council of Australian Governments have developed this Framework to assist educators to provide young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. In this way, EYLF will contribute to realising the Council’s vision that:

“All children have the best start in life to create a better future for themselves and for the nation”. READ MORE
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